Ferry Terminal Turku paves the way for development of maritime Turku

The new joint terminal planned in the Turku passenger harbour, known as Ferry Terminal Turku, plays a key role in upgrading the port area and the district around Turku Castle.

Traffic and logistics

As the city reaches towards the sea, the construction of the new passenger terminal with rearrangements for land use and traffic will open up new space and opportunities for the urban development of Turku by the seaside.

”Ferry Terminal Turku will be part of the new Linnanniemi district. As a result of the reorganisation of terminal operations, the land areas around the Turku Castle and on the west bank near the mouth of the River Aura that link the sea to the city will be released for other use and complementary construction. Development options for renewing the area were sought in an international competition for ideas arranged in 2020 which served as the foundation for sketching the plans for the area”, says Jyrki Lappi, Land Use Manager of the City of Turku.

Linnanniemi plays a key role in the development of the city

The historically and culturally significant Linnanniemi district is planned to be made a centre for round-the-year urban culture where you can simultaneously experience history, the sea, and the world’s most beautiful archipelago. The already attractive medieval Turku Castle and maritime museum Forum Marinum with museum ships will in the future have alongside them the new Museum of History and the Future. An international architectural competition started recently on designing the museum.

”The goal of the Linnannimi project is also to secure and strengthen the Port’s operating conditions. Up to three million passengers travel through the Port annually, which has a positive effect on the operations of the local services sector companies and the number of visitors in cultural venues and events. Linnanniemi will be built in the immediate vicinity of the new joint terminal and will increase Turku’s attractiveness for tourists as one of the most interesting cities in the Baltic Sea which in addition to history and culture offers the views and activities of the unique Archipelago Sea. That way the project also contributes to the growth of international cruise traffic destined to Turku and to the opening of possible new ship routes.”

”In addition to the existing and new tourist attractions, the Linnanniemi district is aimed to be made vibrant through other city functions as well. The focus of the new building in the area will lie, apart from museums, in office premises and a broader and more diverse range of services. Planning also enables residential building to a suitable degree”, says Land Use Manager Jyrki Lappi.

Completion of planning is the most acute issue

The planning of both Ferry Terminal Turku and Linnanniemi is proceeding fast. The town plan for Ferry Terminal Turku was approved by the Turku City Council in June 2023, and the proposed town plan for Linnanniemi and the Museum of History and the Future is intended to be decided on in 2024. The plan for Ferry Terminal Turku is not yet final due to a complaint filed by a private individual, but the City of Turku has requested the Administrative Court to apply expedited procedure due to the significance of the matter.

The goal is to introduce the new joint terminal in 2027 and open the Museum of History and the Future for the public in 2030.


Text: Kari Ahonen
Photos: Markku Koivumäki and Jarmo Piironen