Electric cars help transfer towards carbon neutral Port

One of the key goals of the Port of Turku’s environmental programme is to decrease the carbon footprint caused by the Port’s own operations. Replacing the Port’s own cars with electric ones is an important means of reaching that goal.

Environment and safety

The pandemic delayed the goal to change all of the Port’s passenger cars for fully electric vehicles by the end of 2022, but the project continues with vans, as suitable vehicles become available. The Port now has 11 cars, 7 of which are electric. All cars will be replaced with electric ones, as suitable vehicles are found.

The user experience is positive. The distances driven in the port are mainly short, which makes electric cars perfectly suited for use by the Port.

The Port’s goal is to reduce emissions into the air by 40 per cent from 2008–2025. In addition to purchasing electric cars, the Port has taken advanced measures towards that goal, e.g. by replacing the lighting with LEDs, lowering the temperature in premises where it is possible, and anticipating possible shore-side electricity needs of vessels in connection with the basic repairs of the quays.

Port of Turku’s fully electric vehicle stock lined up. The vehicle wraps were designed by the Port’s own marketing and communication team.

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Text Heli Kaijansalo
Photos Teemu Aaltonen / Video Markku Koivumäki