Ferry Terminal Turku proceeds under Ramboll’s control

Ramboll CM Oy has much to take care of in the Port of Turku’s Ferry Terminal Turku project. Finland’s leading expert in building development and real estate consulting joined the FTT project already in the early stage, when Ramboll made an agreement with Port of Turku Ltd in September 2021 of the project management and supervision services for the project.

After signing the service agreement, Ramboll and Port of Turku opened a project office in the Port of Turku.
Traffic and logistics

In 2021 and 2022, emphasis lies in purchases and planning, and then in 2023, the focus will shift to implementation.

”Our duties in accordance with the service agreement covers technical, financial and schedule-related project management. In addition to arranging competitive bidding for purchases and contractors as well as planning control and supervisions, we take responsibility for e.g. safety and risk management. The goal is to secure a smooth flow of the project in co-operation with the Port of Turku’s project team”, says Tommi Tervo who acts as the project manager.

“Ramboll handles the project management of the Ferry Terminal Turku project from a technical, financial and schedule point of view,” describes project leader Tommi Tervo.
Project management has solid expertise in infrastructure construction

In addition to the actual terminal building, the project management services include the construction of quays and traffic arrangements for field areas and the port area. Presently, a core team of around ten experts is responsible for different parts of the project.

”Ferry Terminal Turku is one of the biggest of our current projects, and at the same time one of the most challenging. That’s why we compiled the core team for the project with emphasis on the special expertise and experience required by the project. In addition to our own staff, we employ external professionals from different fields. From the very beginning, it was important for us to include providers from Turku in the project and we managed to do that, too”, Tommi Tervo says.

The project manager for terminal construction is Heikki Salpaoja and the project engineer is Karoliina Suominen. The project manager for quays and field areas is Tommi Tervo, and the rest of the team comprises project engineer Saara Valtonen, and Jarno Lähdeviita who is responsible for planning control and supervision. Arto Heikkilä takes care of safety and risk management, and Pekka Ala-Tuuhonen acts as an expert in area planning. Expertise in their respective fields is added to the project by Juha Aro in purchasing and Tiina Mäkynen in cost control.

The construction phase will show the biggest challenges

The demanding project has started out as planned and the construction of a new pier will begin first. The work on the quay is starting already in July, and the biggest challenges in construction will emerge at the same time.

”The challenge during the construction is synchronising the work on the quays and the terminal as well as traffic arrangements during the project. All work has to be done in terms of port operations and vessel traffic, taking into account the short turnaround time of ships in the Port of Turku in particularly. Furthermore, we are working close to residential districts, which means that we have to minimise the noise and other impacts on the environment and take the smooth flow of traffic into account also outside the port area. World politics also presents some challenges. The war in Ukraine and the resulting sanctions pose a threat e.g. to the availability of steel and other materials needed in construction and at the same time their prices have risen”, Tommi Tervo reminds.

Own project office enhances the flow of co-operation

After signing the service agreement, Ramboll and Port of Turku opened a project office in the Port of Turku. Presence in the port is considered important because of both supervision of construction work and the smooth flow of information. Tommi Tervo thinks that in a project in the size class of Ferry Terminal Turku it is important to keep the clients and other parties up to date at all times. Meetings are held weekly and even more often if required – the contacts are open 24/7.

”We are on the same side of the table with the Port of Turku and represent their interests in all phases of the project. Of course, we are also in the same boat with everyone else participating in the project, as we have a common goal: a functioning and efficient terminal that will fulfil the goals set for it far into the future.”

Text: Kari Ahonen
Photos: Markku Koivumäki


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