Ferry Terminal Turku is progressing as planned

Annual report

The Port of Turku’s biggest ever investment moved forward in December, as the town plan for Ferry Terminal Turku entered into force in December.

The Ferry Terminal Turku project will upgrade the passenger harbour in Turku into a maritime hub that meets the requirements of modern, fast-paced, smooth and safe sea traffic. The new terminal building will enable flexible services simultaneously for up to 4,000 passengers during the short stay of the vessels in the port.

The massive project includes a new joint terminal for passenger traffic as well as significant changes in quay structures, field areas and traffic arrangements in the port area and the city’s street network. The railway tracks leading to the passenger harbour will also be realigned. The Ferry Terminal Turku project will also speed up the urban development in Turku. The construction of the new joint terminal will enable, for example, further planning of the Linnanniemi district. The goal is to create a vibrant maritime district around the Turku Castle that will provide diverse services and benefit and delight both tourists and the inhabitants of the city.

The planning of the terminal building continued during the handling of the town plan, and architectural and special planning have proceeded mainly on schedule. Thanks to the approval of the town plan, the building permit application for the terminal building can be filed in early 2024. At the same time, drafts and finished plans are expected from the partners implementing the planning of the quays, other areas, and fields in the passenger harbour.

Read the full annual report 2023 (pdf).


Text: Kari Ahonen
Photo: Jarmo Piironen