Automooring enhances speed, efficiency and safety in the Port of Turku

Port of Turku Ltd is investing in the speed and efficiency of the stay of ships in the port, the management of environmental impacts of vessel traffic, and occupational safety of personnel by acquiring an automooring system from Cavotec Finland Oy.

Cavotec Finland Oy delivers an automooring system to the Port of Turku. A similar system is in use at the Port of Helsinki.

The automooring system will speed up the mooring and unmooring of ships as well as improving safety and efficiency of operations. The system is controlled from the vessel’s bridge or, if required, remote-controlled from land, and moors the ships to the quay using under-pressurised panels. No traditional mooring with lines is needed, which makes mooring and unmooring of ships quicker. That enables lower fuel consumption and reduction of emissions. Automooring will contribute to environmentally sound operations and improve occupational safety.

The system will be installed in Viking Line’s berth by the end of 2020, and it will be used both by M/S Viking Grace and the new M/S Viking Glory which is currently under construction.

The project is related to the NextGen Link project focusing on sustainable and environmentally sound maritime traffic which is co-ordinated by the Port of Turku and has received financial support from the European Union.

Text: Heli Kaijansalo
Photo: Cavotec