FREJA Transport & Logistics starts road transport with environmentally friendly LBG truck

Biogas has been used to fuel FREJA’s transport in Finland since the beginning of December 2018. FREJA started semi-trailer transport in collaboration with Gasum with the Iveco Stralis NP tractor unit.


The collaboration is related to a study carried out under the CIVITAS ECCENTRIC project co-funded by the EU. This study produces research data on the use of gas in heavy-duty transport. The CIVITAS ECCENTRIC project is developing a sustainable mobility system by testing biogas vehicles and the increased use of biogas in logistics.

“With gas our operating range is round 1,000 km. Gasum filling stations can be found easy along our transport route. Filling stations can be found in locations including Turku, the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Jyväskylä. This study provides research data so that more operators can include gas-fuelled vehicles in their fleet”, says Transport Coordinator Antti Setälä from FREJA.

“It’s important to cut heavy-duty road transport emissions and it’s great that frontrunner operators such as FREJA make environment friendly choices. The transport use of LBG enables considerable emission reductions, and this development helps cut CO2 and fine particulate emissions in the Turku region”, says Senior Sales Manager Jani Arala from Gasum.

Energy company Gasum is the leading supplier of biogas in the Nordic countries.

The transport use of biogas can reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the life cycle of the fuel by up to 85% when compared to traditional fuels.

Renewable biogas is produced from feedstocks.

“We want to develop efficient transport solutions where the environmental burden is minimized. Quality and responsibility are our core values”, says Traffic Director Sampo Koulu from FREJA.

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