Meriaura’s know-how will eliminate idling in project cargo

When you come across a vessel carrying complete ship blocks going to Finnish shipyards on the Baltic Sea, it’s most likely sailing under Meriaura’s flag. Based in Turku, Meriaura specialises in demanding project ship-ments, which it carries using the special vessels and experienced crew of its parent company Gaiamare and sister company VG-Shipping.

Traffic and logistics

”Our biggest Finnish customer group consists of machine and metal industries, whose product scale ranges from maritime industry components to structures of offshore wind parks, industrial machinery, large tanks, and other products that require demanding load handling. Our customers also include smaller companies that don’t have their own logistics department. Such companies are primarily looking for a partner like us which has the experience and know-how to handle their transports from start to finish”, says Jessica Saari, Chartering Manager at Meriaura.

The pitfalls of the transport chain can be avoided
“Success in project transports requires exact advance planning. Accuracy and flow of information throughout the transport chain play a key role, especially as the final schedules are usually fixed in the very last moment”, says Jessica Saari, Chartering Manager at Meriaura.

Countless small details have to be taken into account in the scheduling of the transport chain, especially as the timetables will not be fixed until the last moment. However, there is never spare time when transporting goods from a customer’s plant to the recipient, because even a minor delay may cause significant extra costs.

”Although the transport chains are often quite short, they nevertheless have many intermediate stages. Our job is to see to it that each link in the chain connects with the next one at the right time – even when the customer’s production schedule changes. If necessary, we will then rearrange the schedules of pre-carriage and ensure that the ship will be ready for loading at the right time. The flow of information between different parties is of primary importance in the management of the delivery chain. When everybody knows the current situation, any problems can be prevented beforehand. There is usually a specific timeframe for certain services, such as special arrangements for pre-carriage, and deviating from them without advance notification is impossible. For example, an interruption in rail traffic and electric current for passing a level crossing shall be agreed on two weeks before the intended date”, Jessica Saari explains the challenges of large project shipments.

Speed is the key for delivery performance

In addition to land and sea transports, Meriaura offers its customers goods handling services in the loading and unloading ports, warehousing, and carriage to the destination. The company operates primarily in the Baltic Sea and North Sea regions, but its services cover all of Europe. The company also provides re-loading from ocean liners to Meriaura’s own vessels on the North Sea while the final destination of the cargo is usually a smaller port on the Baltic Sea.

”One of our strengths is linked to the vessels of Gaiamare and VG-Shipping in our use. Despite the high carrying capacity of special vessels they are also able to access small ports, some of which don’t even have cranes. On our ro-ro deck cargo vessels the loading and unloading can be done quickly, and by using smaller ports we can gain time in both loading and unloading, and thus speed up the reaching of the destination. Arrival at the right time also ensures that the installations and testing often involved in project shipments can be carried out at the time reserved for them. At the same time, idling will be eliminated at all stages, thus avoiding unexpected extra costs”, Jessica Saari reminds.

Project logistics

The quality of Meriaura’s project logistics stems from experience and diligence. The small and efficient organisation is committed to providing flexible service, and alongside its own staff, the main role is played by the Finnish-Estonian crew of the vessels that will solve with expertise any problems arising during the sea transport. The management of the whole transport chain is strengthened by Meriaura’s excellent partners in Scandinavia and the rest of the reliable network of partners.

”Meriaura’s overall services strengthen our customers’ management of the supply chain and can be tailored according to the individual transport needs of each customer. The centralised management of the transport chain ensures the cost-efficiency of shipments and delivery to end customers at the right time.”

Text Kari Ahonen
Photos Markku Koivumäki and Meriaura Ltd


Meriaura Ltd

Meriaura Ltd is a Turku-based family-owned company that specialises in the sea transports of industrial products and raw materials, and different project shipments. The vessels operate in contract and tramp shipping in Europe, mostly on the Baltic Sea and North Sea.

The key values of the company’s operations are customer orientation, high-quality services, and innovativeness. Meriaura’s vision is to be a pioneer in environmentally sound sea transports and further development thereof.