PAX NAVIS promotes protection of the Baltic Sea and Seafaring Peace

Relaxed maritime event PAX NAVIS to promote the protection of the Baltic Sea will declare Seafaring Peace and open the boating summer at the Ruissalo shipyard on the World Oceans Day, on 8 June 2022.

Environment and safety

PAX NAVIS is a relaxed and informative maritime event that aims to promote the protection of the Baltic Sea and a safe and responsible boating culture. The event is complemented by the beach clean-up project from 6–12 June.

PAX NAVIS is arranged for the sixth time, and the parties responsible for the event are the City of Turku’s Baltic Sea Challenge, Mikael Parish in Turku, and the Ruissalo Shipyard.

The Seafaring Peace will be declared at 6 p.m. The declaration will be read out loud in Finnish and Swedish by Jouni Lehikoinen from the Mikael Parish and Jaakko Laasio from Seamen’s Mission. The programme will also include e.g. music performances.

Beach clean-up project as a gift to the Åland Islands

The beach and nature clean-up project under the event celebrates the one-hundredth anniversary of the autonomy of the Åland Islands. Participating in the project is our joint gift to the Åland Islands and the future of the Archipelago Sea.

The personnel of the Port of Turku is participating in the event in the spirit of working capacity maintenance on a spring day dedicated to physical exercise; cleaning small litter in the port.

“We take care of the safety of the port area on a daily basis anyway, to keep it clear from waste that might obstruct the operations, but there is small litter on the sides of the fenced area, and we are setting out to clean up those”, says Security manager Pauliina Roti.

HR Manager Marjut Haltsonen also considers the clean-up project meaningful. “We can go out together to get some useful exercise. And the project leaves you in a good mood as you can make an effort for the cleanliness of the Baltic Sea”.

The beach clean-up projects will be registered on the map using the Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association’s Clean Beach app. At the same time, the litter collected is reported, which will help to prevent the litter problem in the waterways in its early stages.

Text: Heli Kaijansalo
Photo: Marko Holmberg

The Baltic Sea is a small, shallow sea surrounded by a number of countries

15,000 years old, formed after the last ice age, the Baltic Sea is the second biggest brackish water basin in the world. Located on the northeast corner of the Atlantic Ocean, it is almost completely surrounded by continents. It is one of the most polluted seas in the world with some 90 million people living in its drainage basin. The Baltic Sea produces oxygen and contributes to the prevention of climate change, so protecting it is important. Its total area is slightly larger than that of Finland, and its average depth is just 54 metres.

Area: 392,000 km2
Volume: 21,000 km3
Average depth: 54 m
Deepest place: 459 m