Uncongested access to Pansio – also by rail

The Pansio Harbour is a logistics hub with many opportunities and great advantages that serves both the Finnish export industry and imports from abroad. One of the harbour’s definite benefits as a transit site for cargo transports is uncongested road connections and an extensive truck parking area, and the opportunity to utilise rail transports.

Traffic and logistics
Full rail connection from the main line all the way to harbour

As a former train ferry harbour the Pansio Harbour offers a full rail connection to Finland’s main line. The axle weights of the tracks enable the transport of even the heaviest project loads to the harbour by rail.

“Part of Finland’s trunk network, the rail connection between Toijala and Turku is ideal e.g. for the export shipments of Finnish forest and steel industries. The harbour has three tracks, each around 400 metres long, which have room for a long line of carriages. Hence the Pansio Harbour is prepared to respond to the growing demand for rail transports, when cargo shipments change for combined modes as elsewhere in Europe”, Jaakko Nirhamo, Sales Director of Port  of Turku Ltd assures.

Uncongested connections for domestic truck transports

In addition to the rail connection, Pansio has an excellent location in terms of road transports. Arriving in and departing from the harbour is easy, because the traffic arrangements are straightforward and the road connections are of high standard.

”From Pansio the shipments can get quickly on the road, and time is not wasted on waiting in the port or queueing in traffic jams. Pansiontie road leads to the port and provides a convenient access via the four-lane Suikkilantie road to the key transport routes in Finland’s trunk road network. Highway 8 goes to the industrial towns of the west coast, and via Turku ring road heavy vehicles can easily access the E18 motorway that extends to the Helsinki metropolitan area and further to the eastern border, as well as highways 9 and 10 to inland hubs”, Jaakko Nirhamo reminds.

Truck parking area serves drivers and transport companies

Port of Turku’s truck parking area provides drivers of heavy vehicles with a safe place for a break in accordance with the EU directive, and a possibility for rest and recreation between the driving hours.

“It is also possible to lease places for transport companies, and the number of truck parking places can be increased as needed. Located at the crossing of Pansiontie and Suikkilantie roads, the truck parking area is easy to reach and is open the year round. There are sanitary facilities and an unmanned petrol station designed for the need of heavy vehicles in particular, and a filling station for road fuel gas can be found in the port”, Jaakko Nirhamo says.

The services of the truck parking area are complemented by the neighbouring Seamen’s Mission which has a sauna and laundry facilities as well as pastimes, satellite TV and internet connection. Lunch is available on weekdays.

Services for ship traffic are also up to date

The Pansio Harbour also has all infrastructure required by ro-ro ship traffic in place, which allows for opening the harbour at a few hours’ notice.

”There are, for example, two 5,000 square metre Best halls in the area which can be quickly released for use by ship traffic. In conjunction with long-term contracts Port of Turku Ltd is prepared to make new investments to suit the customer’s needs”, Sales Director Jaakko Nirhamo promises.

Text: Kari Ahonen
Photos: Markku Koivumäki