Ahola Training Center seeks new transport professionals on a road show

”On the road” reads the text printed on Key Account Manager Tommy Björkskog’s black jacket. He is one of the experts participating in Ahola Training Center’s road show. In the yard of Shell Oriketo in Turku they tell about the world of logistics and attract young professionals to work in the industry.

Traffic and logistics

The idea of Ahola Training Center is to take the expertise of listed company Ahola Transport on the road. The articulated vehicle with the company logos started the tour in Southwest Finland. It is also possible to arrange kick-off training in the vehicle when new transport routes are established.

Project Manager Sture Holm (left), Key Account Manager Tommy Björkskog and Fleet Trading Director Nils Ahola were the experts of Ahola Training Center at Shell Oriketo in Turku. From there the road show headed to Salo.

”We use the training and presentation truck to market Ahola Transport as a company and especially as a future employer”, Sales Analyst Johan Aspegren envisions.

Underlying the road show is the fact that there is shortage of drivers throughout Europe.

”We try to do our share this way. There is plenty of goods to carry, but we need new professionals in the field.”

At the same time the company highlights the development of the logistics industry and the leap in digital technology. It is visible e.g. in the Ahola Online concept within which the information related to transports is mainly conveyed digitally.

Logistics industry draws students

Students from Sataedu and the Turku Adult Education Centre visited the Training Center. The Euro Truck simulator allowed them to test, with virtual goggles on, what it’s like to drive an articulated vehicle.

”Game developers have also created a special Ahola Transport vehicle for the game”, Mr Aspegren says.

The Green Wheels concept is also visible in the trailer. One of its goals is to decrease fuel consumption. The tour presents the world of Ahola Transport but also seeks for people interested in starting out as contract drivers.

”We want to reach young people interested in driving a truck. Garrisons that provide transport training are very good places”, Mr Aspegren says. One of the stops of the road show will be the Dragsfjärd Garrison.

With virtual goggles on, the Euro Truck simulator allows for submerging into the world of the driver of an articulated vehicle.
Johan Aspegren (left) and Marketing Co-ordinator Juuso Savolainen in a convenient meeting room built in an articulated vehicle.
Joining Ahola through contract transports

For those interested in contract transports the company offers a subcontracting concept that allows employing of logistics professionals. Some key experts of that business were present in Oriketo, including Fleet Trading Director Nils Ahola.

“Logistics is a field of the future, there will certainly be work. If you have a licence, this is one option to start developing your career”, Mr Aspegren sums up.

”The road show also has a social mission”, reminds Sture Holm who runs the tour project.

Visiting school children are shown the driver’s field of vision in the truck, also indicating what the driver cannot see. At the same time they are reminded about a basic thing, the importance of using a reflector in the dark.

Text: Sini Silván
Photos: Sini Silván ja Ahola Transport

Oyj Ahola Transport Abp

Oyj Ahola Transport Abp is a family-run logistics company that has offered transport services for over sixty years. It operates mainly in the Nordic and Baltic countries as well as Eastern Europe. The company’s annual turnover is approximately MEUR 100 and the impact on employment is over 700 peoples.

Ahola Transport has over 450 articulated vehicles. It is the first transport company in Europe to participate in pioneering work for the development of autonomous driving together with Scania.