The importance of preparing was still emphasised in safety issues

Annual report

Port safety comprises of many areas, and their overall management allows for protection of people, vessels, property and the environment from accidents, damage and criminal activities. The Port of Turku’s safety work is guided by the international ISPS code of seafaring as well as the Port’s own safety plan. In February 2023, ISPS safety assessments of all port structures were carried out, and ISPS safety plans in accordance with them were audited at the end of November.

The recent years have stressed the importance of preparing. The Port of Turku has for a long time prepared for preventing different exceptional conditions and for actions during any such conditions. For that purpose the Port has drawn up clear contingency plans which include business continuity management as well as a recovery plan. Their purpose is to enable continuing of operations in crisis conditions and recovery to normal as soon as possible after the exceptional conditions have passed. The Port has invested a great deal in preparing for exceptional conditions in co-operation with different authorities and other operators also because Turku is defined as a critical port in terms of emergency supply.

Reaching a high safety level requires continuous training and regular exercises. The safety training of personnel is arranged in the Port of Turku through an online learning platform which received its first update in late 2023. Online learning allows everyone to study independently and according to their own schedule. The most significant exercise in 2023 was the major accident exercise that was implemented together with different authorities at the end of August in the West Harbour.

The Port’s safety services are also utilised in connection with the increasing navy visits, and the Port of Turku participated actively in securing the vessels and their crew. The Port also aims at supporting in different ways the international exercise activities organised in Finnish sea areas.

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Text: Kari Ahonen
Photo: Pauliina Roti