New Viking Glory makes the Turku route more attractive

Jan Hanses, President, and CEO of Viking Line was happy and relieved to see the shipping company’s new flagship at the quay in Turku in late February. There was just over one week to m/s Viking Glory’s first departure from the Port of Turku towards Stockholm.

Traffic and logistics

”We have finally concluded a long project, and despite the delays caused by the pandemic, we can be really proud of and happy about the outcome. The new Viking Glory meets all the goals set for her regarding passenger comfort as well as environmentally sound operating. The new design solutions used in the vessel create an unprecedented experience and allows to enjoy the sea voyage in a completely new way. Large windows provide unobstructed views of the sea, and the vessel’s glass-walled terrace is unique in the Baltic Sea. The shopping world designed like a market hall and a diverse range of restaurants also add attraction to sea travel”, President and CEO Jan Hanses says about the unique qualities of Viking Glory

Shipping company aims at increasing market share

The booking situation also gives positive signals, as advance sales alone show a strong peak in demand. With the arrival of the new vessel, Viking Line aims at increasing its market share on the Turku route in both passenger traffic and cargo transports.

”The traffic between Turku and Stockholm forms the core business of the company. Our strengths are the greatest on this route, so investing in Turku was a natural choice. Thanks to Viking Glory and Viking Grace, the fleet on the route will stay in great shape far into the future, which will strengthen our position as the number one choice for travel between Finland and Sweden. In addition to speed, the strengths of the route include arrival in the heart of the city, in both Turku and Stockholm. The situation is ideal for passengers, but it also means time savings for cargo transport. The benefits are the most significant for short-distance deliveries to Stockholm and the surrounding region, but arriving on the south side of Stockholm also enables fast connections to the rest of Scandinavia and Europe. There will certainly be demand for the increased cargo capacity on the route operated by Viking Glory”, Jan Hanses assures.

VIDEO: Viking Glory’s arrival to Turku

Viking Line and Port of Turku head into the future together

The new Viking Glory commencing operations in Turku is in a way a starting shot for the renewal of the Port on the whole. As part of the massive Ferry Terminal Turku project, an automated mooring and unmooring system was installed in Viking Line’s quay already in late 2021. The new automooring system makes manoeuvring the vessel in the port faster and more efficient, which will considerably shorten the time needed for loading and unloading the vessel.

”The renewal of the Port of Turku supports Viking Line’s goals, and we are satisfied with the signing of the new traffic agreement. The planning of the new terminal proceeds in good co-operation with the Port of Turku and other providers. Ferry Terminal Turku will become an interesting concept that will certainly make Turku more attractive for tourists as part of the evolving Linnanniemi district. With a view to the future of traveling, we hope that the railway connection to the new terminal can be arranged in a sensible way to make it easy for the passengers”, says Jan Hanses, President, and CEO of Viking Line.

Text: Kari Ahonen
Photo: Markku Koivumäki
Video: Viking Line

M/S Viking Glory

  • Length 222.6 m
  • Width 35 m
  • Wärtsilä 31DF multi-fuel engines
  • 2800 passengers
  • 922 cabins
  • Cargo capacity 1500 m